Baby's First Year

Babies grow so fast in the first year. From learning to roll over, crawl, and then walk, we want to help you capture these precious moments.

Should you decide to choose us to captures these moments, you will receive the following at your session:

~two photographers
~ our processing services
~ an online photo gallery of your pictures for you, your family, and guests to view
~ conversion of any photos of your choosing from color to black and white or sepia
~We will around nap time and feedings.
~If there are important items that you would like to have included in the portrait feel free to bring them with you to the session.

Session fees as follows:

1 sitting - $200
2 sittings $350 ($50 savings)
3 sittings $500 ($100 savings)
4 sittings $600 ($200 savings or a free sitting)

All sitting options include the following print package for each sitting:
1-8x10, 3-5x7s, 4-4x6s or smaller.